James Hardie vs. Other Siding Options

james hardie siding

Learn how James Hardie stacks up against other popular siding options. James Hardie vs. Generic Fiber Cement Significantly less susceptible to cracking and shifting, James Hardie Siding is up to 50% tougher than generic fiber cement.  James Hardie vs. Stucco Unlike moisture-absorbent stucco, James Hardie Siding won’t crack as the structure naturally settles. James Hardie […]

Why Choose James Hardie?

house with james hardie siding

Upgrading your home’s siding is a big investment. When exploring siding options, consider James Hardie siding. James Hardie siding offers several advantages you won’t find with other options. Weather-Resistance Successfully stand up to hail, wind, snow, and virtually any severe weather with durable James Hardie fiber cement siding. High-quality siding is absolutely vital to keeping […]