Design Your Dream Deck Today

Blue Springs understands the importance of a safe and sturdy stage for your family’s entertainment, so our experts work swiftly to install long-lasting enjoyment in the form of an ideal outdoor space.

Conceptually inviting and functional, an original deck has the potential to significantly enhance the look and feel of your yard. Our passionate team of product managers will masterfully develop your vision, creating a seamless and rewarding home improvement experience. Built to all local inspection standards, Blue Springs specializes in expert deck installation that’s guaranteed to help your family create a lifetime of memories. 

Types of Decks

We strive for our installment to be the most enjoyable element of your home, so it’s crucial to us that we meet all of your requirements for a beautiful outdoor space. Blue Springs offers three unique options for your deck’s structural materials, depending on your style preference and budget.

Composite deck

Because this type of deck doesn’t require regular treatment, our composite material makes for an incredibly low-maintenance option. Blue Springs utilizes high-quality Enhance® Basics Composite Decking by industry leader Trex. Apart from being virtually effortless to maintain, this decking is sustainably sourced, made from recycled materials, and doesn’t require harvesting from rainforests.

Cedar Deck

As the most aesthetically pleasing option, cedar decks run a bit pricier than our treated alternatives. However, similar to our composite option, this wood choice doesn’t need frequent staining or chemical treatment. Also highly resistant to both weather conditions and insects, cedar decks are the whole package: low-maintenance, durable, and visually appealing.

Treated Deck

We also offer a more cost-efficient pressure treated option which utilizes wood that has gone through a high-pressure treatment process that forces preservatives deep into the wood. Using pressure-treated wood will allow your deck to stay beautiful for years by resisting bugs, rot, and decay while not breaking the bank during installation.

Benefits working with Blue Springs Siding & Windows

Deck Installation

We aim to make your ultimate vision of outdoor comfort a reality through our advanced installation methods and building expertise. While working closely with our product managers to design and develop your preferred space, you’ll receive expert advice, receptive input, and outstanding customer service. We can meet any home’s needs for sunrooms, hot tubs, grills, or other additions while mindfully accounting for local code and inspection standards. Our goal is to streamline the home improvement process, making previously tiresome projects easy and even enjoyable.