7 Reasons to Replace your Windows

1. New Windows are Safer

Safety is a huge concern for most homeowners, and should be.  Especially with older windows. Old windows are made with materials more susceptible to rot, decay and mold, creating a potentially hazardous living situation and possibly even making break-ins easier. On the other hand, new windows are constructed with better materials and designed with safety in mind. 

2. New Window Panes Cut Down on Noise

Bothered by external noise pollution, like loud snow blowers all winter? Your windows are probably made with inefficient materials or glass packages that don’t adequately reduce noise. New windows, on the other hand, can ultimately create better, quieter living conditions. Blue Spring’s glass packages can be optimized to not only reduce noise, but increase external light, lower heat conduction, and even prevent storm damage.

3. New Windows Require Less Maintenance

To keep an older window up to PAR, you may need to consistently paint, re-insulate, or reseal it. New ones, however, are relatively maintenance-free after installation. Features like effortlessly operable locks and tilt-in sashes allow for simple, effective maintenance and cleaning. They also lower rates of breaking. This is especially true if installed by a licensed and experienced installation team to get the job done right. It’s even more true if that team offers a Lifetime Warranty On Parts And Labor like Blue Springs does. 

4. ROI on New Windows Lowers the Cost of Window Replacement

The National ROI is over 70% for most windows and can add thousands of dollars at the point of resale. This provides a great return on investment for any homeowner looking to improve their exterior or interior design. Even if you’re not looking to sell your home, you can still reap benefits from window replacements in the form of lower energy bills. 

5. New Energy Efficient Windows Lower Bills 

Speaking of lower energy bills, new windows can improve your energy efficiency. That means your heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard, in turn lowering overall energy consumption. ENERGY STAR estimates that 25-30% of residential heating and cooling costs are attributed to windows. New windows can help reduce that percentage. 

6. New Windows Don’t Need Window Insulation Film

Regular, older window frames are not built to offer top-notch insulation. They’re made with metal framing for insulation, which was at one point, considered sufficient. Now, however, energy-efficient windows are built with polyurethane foam fill. This foam fill offers a better seal, preventing outside air from getting in, as well as inside air from getting out, in turn eliminating drafts and offering cost-savings. Without your heating and cooling systems running continuously, you’ll see energy consumption lower alongside your energy bills. 

7. New Windows Help Prevent Color Fading 

Organic materials are subject to fading when exposed to UV rays. That means carpets, wall paint, photos, artwork, wood, furniture (really anything in your home) will fade and age even when protected from the inside. Newer, energy-efficient windows block more UV rays which can help put an end to your prematurely aging possessions.

Ready to invest in new windows? Contact us today, and we will set up an estimate at no cost. We’ll answer all your questions, help you choose the perfect product, and then provide our world-class installation service. Still unsure if you need new windows? Consider taking this quick, 2-minute quiz to find out. 

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