The Importance of Gutter Guards, Part II

In our last post, we introduced you to two forms of gutter guards that are common in the United States. In today’s post, we’ll introduce you to three more kinds of gutter guards you may or may not have heard of. Blue Springs Siding and Windows is proud to be Kansas City’s go-to resource for siding installation, roof replacement, and so much more! Contact us for a free assessment today if you’re curious about how gutter guards can benefit your home!

As we also noted in our last post, gutter guards do far more than simply redirect rainwater. If you’ve ever cleaned your gutters after a long period of neglecting them, you’ll be more than familiar with how much debris can accumulate in them. Moreover, neglecting to regularly clean your gutters can lead to serious problems, including:

  • Organic substance growth resulting from a composting effect
  • Mold that can spread into your roof and other areas of the home
  • Damage to areas of your home, including the deck and foundation
  • Unwanted insects and small animals, including termites, mosquitoes, and rodents

Bottle Brush Gutter Guards

Bottle brush gutter guards are one of the most innovative gutter protection technologies on the market. Featuring bristles that point upward, bottle brush gutter guards are designed to fit inside of the gutter, blocking the space that would normally be filled by leaves and debris. Small leaves and seeds can pose a problem for some forms of gutter guards, and if you live in area with a high concentration of seeds and small leaves, bottle brush gutter guards may be the ideal option for you. This gutter guard model may not be ideal for those who live in rainy areas with large leaves, as the leaves can create a dam on the gutter guards and cause rainfall to be directed elsewhere. This form of gutter guard is sold in several different sizes that will fit in nearly any home’s gutters.

Nylon Gutter Guards

Nylon gutter guards are designed for easy installation and will be a low-maintenance option for the majority of homeowners. Rather than attaching to the roof, nylon gutter guards are designed to slide into or on top of your gutters. Nylon gutter guards are ideal for areas such as Colorado and Michigan that experience a wide variety of weather conditions, including snow and ice. If you live in an area with frequently icy conditions, consider investing in nylon gutter guards during the winter months to protect your gutters from ice damage.

Foam Gutter Guards

Foam gutter guards are, as you may have guessed, composed of a plastic foam that is designed to fit inside of your gutters, similar to the function of bottle brush gutter guards. Foam gutter guards are an ideal option for homeowners around the country, as their versatile design prevents buildup and promotes free-flowing water. If you live in a humid area with a lot of humidity, you may be better off investing in one of the other gutter guards noted above. While foam gutter guards are a fantastic way to keep your gutters free of debris, they can grow mold and fail to prevent large amounts of water from being effectively directed into the gutters.

Any of these gutter guards can be a great addition to your home, and while each will still require some maintenance, they will substantially reduce the amount of time it takes to clean your gutters. This will not only save you time, but it will also keep you safe by reducing the amount of time you spend on a ladder. If you’re not sure about which gutter guard is right for your home, our contractors are happy to help you understand your options. We offer free in-home assessments, and we’d love to help you with your next gutter-related project!

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