James Hardie vs. Other Siding Options

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Learn how James Hardie stacks up against other popular siding options. James Hardie vs. Generic Fiber Cement Significantly less susceptible to cracking and shifting, James Hardie Siding is up to 50% tougher than generic fiber cement.  James Hardie vs. Stucco Unlike moisture-absorbent stucco, James Hardie Siding won’t crack as the structure naturally settles. James Hardie […]

Why Choose James Hardie?

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Upgrading your home’s siding is a big investment. When exploring siding options, consider James Hardie siding. James Hardie siding offers several advantages you won’t find with other options. Weather-Resistance Successfully stand up to hail, wind, snow, and virtually any severe weather with durable James Hardie fiber cement siding. High-quality siding is absolutely vital to keeping […]

Choose Vinyl Siding for Your Home & Reap the Benefits

Choose Vinyl Siding for Your Home and Reap the Benefits

Choosing the Right Replacement Siding There are several factors to think about when choosing the materials for your home’s exterior. What will match your home’s existing exterior design? Are there cost-effective siding options out there? Which siding option needs the least amount of maintenance? How long does siding installation take? If you ask our opinion […]

Why Blue Springs Siding and Windows

Top James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Company Kansas City Blue Springs Siding and Windows

Choosing the right company to work on your home is a big decision, and here at Blue Springs Siding and Windows, it’s a responsibility we don’t take for granted. We started this company with one goal in mind- to provide homeowners with the best customer service possible because we understand that we aren’t just working […]

Your Siding Guide to What Blue Springs Siding and Windows Has to Offer

Best james hardie siding contractor lenexa kansas blue springs siding and windows

One of the best investments you can make in your home is installing new quality siding. It can boost your curb appeal, make your home more energy-efficient, and provide a high ROI. With so many siding options available on the market, it can be challenging to decide on the right one for your home. To […]

All About Siding

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Siding is the protective material attached to the side of a home.  Siding shields your home against wind, rain, snow and debris. It also has a large impact on insulation and energy efficiency. When looking for the best home siding replacement options, aspects such as R-Value (the measurement of how well a material resists heat […]

The Best Windows, Doors and Siding for Kansas City Homes

Kansas City summers are hot and wet, while winters are cold and dry with strong winds. With these extreme weather patterns, it’s no wonder that homeowners in the Kansas City area want windows, doors, and siding that will provide great insulation, weather protection, and returns through all seasons. If you are looking to replace windows, […]

Top 3 Home Improvement Projects For Value

Looking to increase the value of your home? Perhaps ready to take on that next DIY project? When it comes to deciding which home improvement project to take on, there are a few different factors to consider. So to help, here’s our list of the home improvement projects with the best ROI (return on investment). […]

Blue Springs Siding & Windows Is Lead Certified

EPA Lead-Safe Certified

Lead. You don’t want it in your home or near your family. That’s where we come in. Here at Blue Springs Windows & Siding, we take every measure possible to keep your family safe from lead and lead poisoning. And we are serious about it. We have taken the proper courses and training to become […]